Ogden Pride Festival Presenters & Performers 2020


The Northern Utah Hope task force is an active coalition of mental health/social service providers, educators, survivors, law enforcement, veteran’s advocates, and concerned citizens working together to increase suicide awareness and prevention in Weber County. Spearheaded by Intermountain McKay-Dee Hospital, the task force provides suicide prevention training to local students and community members, holds an annual suicide awareness walk, and works with survivors to facilitate healing and remembrance of those they have lost. Membership, involvement, and participation is open to all residents, community groups, or others with a concern about suicide.


Mama Dragons

Mama Dragons exist to inspire and empower mothers. They actively promote healthy, loving, and supportive environments for mothers of LGBTQIA children. They celebrate, educate, protect, and provide the love and support families need to survive and thrive.


Phantom Ship

Phantom Ship is a Utah Local Electronic Rock/Industrial band. They are a new artist to our Ogden Pride stage, so please enjoy their talents, go like them on Facebook and check out their NEW EP Streaming EVERYWHERE!

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A New Movement: Spiritual Flourishing for All Queer people talking about their spiritual side? How does that work?! And is it true, that queer people have special spiritual gifts? This fun, interactive discussion will combine your questions and our stories – and our questions, and your stories! If you’re a queer person of faith, faith-adjacent or faith-averse – if you have an opinion, this session is for you! Let’s be real and shine a rainbow light on the issue of faith and queerness!


Marlow Rosado

Performer. Creator. Speaker
2x Grammy winning artist, brings high energy salsa performances with his 11-piece orchestra to stages around the globe for audiences ranging from 200 to 20,000. Offers a Latin Jazz ensemble for music lovers with an affinity for jazz. Has shared the stage with artists like Marc Anthony,Larry Harlow, Tito Nieves, Aymee Nuviola, El Gran Combo, and many others. Has performed and partnered with several global brands.


Aminda O’Hare

A cognitive neuroscientist and Director of the Neuroscience Program at Weber State University. She will be presenting on the mental health benefits of mindfulness practices and how they impact the brain. She will lead a short mindfulness practice.


Mermaids of the Great Salt Lake

Did you know that mermaids come in all shapes and sizes, and even every color of the RAINBOW? Not just their tails and hair, but even their identities. Just like humans we identify in all sorts of ways. Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, and many more! The Mermaids of the Great Salt Lake include and completely support all types of people and our beloved sea creatures, too. This world is precious to us and we believe the first step to healing our Mother Earth is to love and appreciate ourselves and each other. When we can all learn how to do that our world will be such a beautiful place. It all starts with YOU! You have to truly love yourself to be able to love others. Or as Mama Ru says, If you can’t love yourself, how the SHELL are you gonna love someone else? The Mermaids of the Great Salt Lake are available for all types of events. Private parties, faires, conventions, story times, Photoshoots, weddings, etc. If you can dream it we can do it. Water not necessary! Follow us on Instagram @mermaidsofthegreatsaltlake and on Facebook with the same name.

Utah Foster Care

Utah Foster Care (UFC) is a nationally recognized non-profit which finds, trains, and supports Utah families, who are willing and able to provide a nurturing home for children in foster care. In Utah, more than 2,900 children are in foster care at any given time because their own families are in crisis. Substance abuse is often a factor in cases where children are removed from their biological homes.


Utah Domestic Violence Coalition

Intimate Partner Violence 101 for 2S&LGBTQIA+ folks. We will go over common abuse tactics, warning signs, myths, and resources available.


Naomi Anson

Naomi Anson is a published artist, elementary teacher, and certified parenting coach. She is often seen as a guest presenter for organizations around Utah, where she is invited to discuss issues around working with children and parenting, and occasionally gives group painting lessons as team building exercises. She is an Ogden native and earned her bachelor’s degree in art and design and master’s degree in professional communication at Weber State University. Naomi is fascinated with history and world religions and minored in Asian history as an undergraduate. Naomi is an advocate for LGBTQ+ children in the community and their families as a member of GLSEN’s educator network. She is thrilled to serve as a member of the Ogden Pride board where she can support the community in a meaningful way.

STARS in Action w/Genderbands

STARS in Action a program of Ogden Pride is dedicated to supporting the transgender and non-binary community to provide a place to gather, create community and develop needed opportunities for guest speakers and workshops.

Youth OUTreach

Ogden Pride’s Youth OUTreach Program is dedicated to building a safe, supportive and fun community for LGBTQ+ youth in Northern Utah.We want to provide you with a place to learn, grow and feel comfortable. We want to give you the support you need and answer any questions you may have.

UofU Health Transgender Health Program

Accessing healthcare services as a trans or gender diverse person can be scary and confusing. Our program staff at the University of Utah Health: Transgender Health Program want to provide an information session on the various services the Transgender Health Program offers and how to access that care.


Dave Quakenbush

As a singer/song writer and proud gay artist Utah Native, and Ogden’s own local favorite, Dave Quakenbush brings you eclectic sounds of indie rock.


Cheer Salt Lake

Founded in 2011, Cheer Salt Lake raises funds and awareness for those living with life-challenging conditions in the LGBTQ community and beyond. We’re an inclusive team that welcomes volunteers from all backgrounds and partners with a variety of community organizations in Salt Lake, Provo, and Ogden. We’re a federal 501(c)3 non-profit and registered charity in the state of Utah.


Kat Furr

As a local drag performer Kat Furr tries to spread kindness, love, and pride in ourselves and our communities.

Dree & Ashleigh @Home

Dree paints and crafts. Ashleigh cooks and such. Together these ladies also raise their children, volunteer for charity organizations and have been coping with COVID by making and selling masks to benefit the Imperial Rainbow Court or Northern Utah’s Make-a-wish Fund.

Dree is going to show us a great painting craft you can do with the whole fabulous family. And Ashleigh’s going to show us what she decided would be a fun family dinner selection, a la Chopped style.

Imperial Rainbow Court of Northern Utah

Going strong for now 26+ years, the Imperial Rainbow Court of Northern Utah has raised more than $500,000 since it started. Here to tell you about where that money all goes, what they focus on each year, and what they hope to be able to accomplish before they finish their year in office is the Reigning Emperor Emperor 20 Marc, and his Imperial Crown Prince Josh and Imperial Crown Princess Ericka.


Alter Egos

The Alter Egos are a multi dimension performance group that came together in Colorado. They have been together for about 7 years and have done some amazing shows all over the Rocky Mountain Region.

Weber Diversity

Here to talk about WSU’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion; opportunities to collaborate; building partnerships and access to higher education, is Adrienne Andrews from the WSU Diversity Office.


Bobby Jo Valentine

Hope-folk, soul-pop, poetic rock…Bobby Jo Valentine’s music exists outside the lines of any genre. The music’s thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodies reach listeners on all paths of life, and the authentic, universal, uncanny nature of his songs have won him Songwriter of the Year at West Coast Songwriter’s Association twice – in 2011 and 2015. He’s sold 16,000 albums and performed more than 500 concerts—all without a record label—and all because of devoted groups of fans and friends who grow in number after every concert.