Poetry Contest

Stand OUT, Speak UP! Poetry Contest

Booked on 25th and Ogden Pride are excited to be hosting the 3rd Annual Ogden Pride Poetry Contest.  

The contest has two rounds — on July 14th and July 21st. The first round will be from 3 to 5 p.m.  at Booked on 25th

  • 147 25th St.  Ogden, UT 84401

Our guidelines:

  •  poem should be inspired by the them of the 2018 Ogden Pride Festival: Stand Out, Speak  UP
  • Amateur poets are invited to recite an original poem of their own construction 
  • The Poets should limit their time to 5 minutes
  • No Music, props or costumes 
  • Finalists will read or recite three original poems. At least one of them should be inspired by the festival’s theme (repeating the first week’s poem is fine.)
Finalists each get an Ogden Pride T-shirt and gift cards from Booked on 25th.

The winner is invited to recite a poem from the stage at the Ogden Pride Festival on August 4. They will also be invited to have a collection of their poetry published. Other prizes, including gift cards and items from other businesses will be announced soon.  Registration is now closed


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