We are very excited to announce these performers will appear on our stage:

Bobby Jo Valentine

Hope-folk, soul-pop, poetic rock…Bobby Jo Valentine’s music exists outside the lines of any genre. The music’s thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodies reach listeners on all paths of life, and the authentic, universal, uncanny nature of his songs have won him Songwriter of the Year at West Coast Songwriter’s Association twice. — from Bobby Jo’s website


Saliva Sisters

“Who would have supposed a girl group singing parody songs about fiber, bidets, and bras would have survived, let alone flourished in Utah? Well, they have. In fact, they’ve become an institution. In 20-something years of melody, mirth and mucous, they have performed for groups as varied as the Western Republican Governors and the Gay Rodeo.” — from their website

Leo Cody

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Leo has a smooth and defining tone along with a slight twang that makes him memorable among so many. … After a year on tour Leo headed back to Utah and decided it was time to create his own stamp on music. … Leo strives to create music that will influence people and make a memorable mark with his voice. — ReverbNation

cheersaltlakeCheer Salt Lake

Cheer Salt Lake is an all-volunteer, adult cheer for charity team whose mission is to raise money for health related charities through the sport of cheerleading. They have different performances throughout the year during various events: Ogden Pride, Provo Pride, Salt Lake Pride, Blitz football games, Roller Derbies, the Gender Revolution, the MS Walk, AIDS walk, and a lot more!


Imperial Rainbow Court of Northern Utah

When most people think of IRCONU, the first thought that comes to mind are drag queens. But the organization is much more than that. As part of the International Imperial Court System, the local chapter holds functions and fundraisers for the enjoyment of the community, raises money for charitable organizations, and helps those in the community who are in need of assistance.

Ziegfeld Theater

The Ziegfeld Theater is about art, collaboration, and acceptance. Their driving motto is “Professional standard, community spirit,” and it drives every aspect of their work. 


MiNX is a pop-rock duo, playing upbeat fun and funky music. “MiNX infuses their performance with visual elements, sometimes campy and vaudevillian, and the costumes and stage-props are simply cherries on top of the already compelling show.” — from their website.

Alter Egos

Luke Allen

Tribal Love Dancers


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