Poetry Contest

RHYME Together With Pride!

Congratulations to the three finalists in the 2nd annual Ogden Pride Poetry Slam! — Angelika Brewer, Josh Hoopes and Eve Olsen.

The first round was held on July 22 at Booked on 25th, the independent bookstore at 147 25th St. in Ogden. Five amateur poets recited original poems inspired by the theme of the 2017 Ogden Pride Festival: Rise Together With Pride.

Three judges determined the finalists, who will recite three poems in the 2nd round, to be held on July 29, also at Booked on 25th.

Our guidelines:

  • Amateur poets are invited to recite an original poem of their own construction.
  • The poem should be inspired by the theme of the 2017 Ogden Pride Festival: Rise Together With Pride.
  • Poets should limit their time to 5 minutes.
  • No music, props or costumes. 
  • Finalists will read or recite three original poems. At least one of them should be inspired by the festival’s theme (repeating the first week’s poem is fine.) 

Finalists each get an Ogden Pride T-shirt and gift cards from Booked on 25th.

The winner is invited to recite a poem from the stage at the Ogden Pride Festival on August 5. They will also be invited to have a collection of their poetry published. Other prizes, including gift cards and items from other businesses will be announced soon. 

2016 contest:

In our first contest, amateur poets recited an original poem inspired by the Ogden Pride Festival’s 2016 theme: Pride Elevated. Patrick Ramsay took first place. The Standard-Examiner made a video of Patrick reciting his poem. Josh Hoopes was second; and Carla Marie was third.


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