Our Youth Outreach Program seeks to transform communities and save lives through social support groups, community advocacy, and training designed to promote positive outcomes for underserved populations. We address these needs at three different levels:

Prevention (Community Forums and Ally Trainings)

At the community level, we offer ally and advocate training to groups who work with and support youth and hold events to educate the public.

Intervention (Social Support Groups)

At the intervention level, our social support groups offer a safe place for youth to develop friendships, increase their self-efficacy, and provide them with knowledge and skills needed to become self-sufficient, healthy LGBTQ and allied adults.

Crisis Response and Referral

Crisis response for underserved youth in Utah who are homeless, suicidal, or have been victimized, have lacked until now because of legal barriers, and insufficient resources.

We work with Youth Futures, the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition, and several other local partners to respond to youth who are suicidal or experiencing housing or family crisis.


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