The Ogden Pride Board of Directors is a diverse group of people committed to making sure the organization serves the needs of the LGBTQ* community of Northern Utah. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month, at 6:30 p.m. in the LGBT Resource Center (in the Student Services Building) at Weber State University. The meetings are open to all.

Meet our Board of Directors:

Tim Sharp, President
Tim was so moved by the tears of couples being turned away from the county clerk’s office in 2013 (on the day Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage was struck down) that he proposed to his partner on the spot. They were the first same-sex couple to be married in Weber County. Tim is an editor for a science and tech news company, responsible for articles that explain scientific concepts, describe natural phenomena and define technical terms. He has also served as chairman of the LGBT Affairs committee at Congregational United Church of Christ and as an officer in the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association. Passionately curious about the world around him, he may often be found exploring Ogden’s hiking trails or in his own back yard gazing up at the stars through one of his telescopes.

Jacy Morgan-Barnum, Secretary
Jacy Morgan-Barnum was born a cis-het-nasty-woman in Colorado in the late ‘70s. During an 8-year stint at single parenting, she finished her bachelor’s degree at Weber State University. Jacy has taught special education for 13 years. After marrying a poor college student named Tyler (not the one on the Ogden Pride board), Jacy had her second child and subsequently finished her master’s degree at Fort Hays State University. Jacy began volunteering with Ogden Pride in 2015 and proved worthy of a seat on the board of directors. She was moved to volunteer after her oldest came out, an experience that reminded her that she had been the first person a friend came out to 20 years prior in college. An advocate for LGBTQ* rights, Jacy is proud to be a Mama Dragon, though she was never a member of the LDS church. When not setting off smoke alarms while cooking, Jacy enjoys quilting, bragging about her Canadian green card (she lived there for a year in the late ‘80s) and catching up on sleep. Jacy wears false eyelashes every Halloween — and occasionally for Ogden Pride events throughout the year.

Tyler Bottema, Treasurer
Tyler is studying zoology at Weber State University with the goal of becoming a veterinarian, and to that end, he currently works for a veterinary clinic. Tyler had always wanted to help the LGBT community but could never figure out the best way on his own. When a friend asked him to help with Ogden’s first Pride festival, it was the spark he needed — it kept him motivated and feeling like people actually cared. He started out as a volunteer and has now joined the board and is having the time of his life figuring out more ways to help the entire community! Tyler lives with his fiancé — who he plans to marry in 2018 — as well as their dog, Kaia, and two cats, Sasha and Chloe. His personal hero is Scooby Doo. When not working or going to school, you can usually find him reading a book on the couch or building a virtual theme park on his computer.

Dr. Heather Ambrose
Dr. Heather Ambrose, LMFT, LCMHC, is a mental health professional who has a passion for working with LGBTQ+ youth. She was a volunteer with OUTreach Utah for 6 years. She also serves as a member of the NUHOPE Suicide Prevention Task Force and often provides workshops focusing on preventing suicide among LGBTQ+ youth. In her spare time, Heather enjoys spending time with her husband and their two rescued greyhounds.

Robert Blaylock
Robbie has always had a passion of helping others in need. He has been involved with many non-profit organizations and enjoys raising money for the community. He has worked for Verizon Wireless for 6 1/2 years. He lives in Ogden and has 3 dogs.

Lynn Reinsel
Lynn works in the IT field as a technical communicator and certified UX (User Experience) analyst. She is a Utah transplant who always questions the status quo and believes strongly in supporting those who aren’t like everyone else. As someone who also marches to the beat of her own drum, Lynn joined Ogden Pride to help support the LGBTQ+ community close to home. Her hobbies include fostering rescue dogs, trying new vegan recipes, and celebrating Halloween all year round.

Sean Childers-Gray

Gage Church

Sara DeSalvo
Sara is a zombie-loving mother of two. When she isn’t preparing for the zombie apocalypse with her amazing transgender husband (and family), she is volunteering with the Imperial Rainbow Court of Northern Utah (IRCONU) and Ogden Pride (of course). She loves horror movies and pretty much anything horror related. Sara is also an avid prepper with a basement full of gear; she tries to be ready for anything that may come along. With a degree in forensic accounting and public relations, Sara is well rounded and ready for any challenge.

Theresa Kay

Harrison Spendlove

Jayson Stokes

Jack Morgan, Youth Advisory Panel

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