STARS in Action

Synergetic Trans Activists, Resources & Support

STARS in Action provides dedicated support for the transgender and gender non-conforming community.

Our aims:
  • build community in Ogden through social meetings and events
  • grow our social footprint in our communities through volunteering opportunities
  • provide professional development through workshops and career resources
  • offer resources and support to meet our community’s most pressing needs
  • magnify our presence and programming through partnerships with community organizations.

    Connect with us:
    Facebook group to connect with community and stay informed on activities.

    Grow our community:
    If you are interested in helping to improve the lives of community members in Ogden, reach out to STARS in Action to learn how to get involved:

  • Upcoming events:
    We host regular coffee and dinner socials.
    Check back soon for more community programming.

    For questions and RSVPs, please reach out to

    Celebrate a Decade of Diversity with Ogden Pride in: 71 Days 14 Hours 29 Minutes 22 Seconds
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