Announcing the 2023 Ogden Pride Festival Theme!

Over the past 8 years as we’ve prepared and planned the Ogden Pride Festival, we’ve always reminded ourselves that pride celebrations started in the hearts of those before us, fighting for civility and dignity. The first of these being recognized as Stonewall and the Riots of 1969.

Today that fight continues, as our most marginalized and oppressed lose autonomy of their healthcare needs, the right to engage with their peers in spaces they belong, and the protections afforded others without equitable distinction. The divisive language currently used in opposition of equality has allowed for bigotry and hate.

  • We will not stand by; we will stand up and show our Youth that they do have a voice, even when they are not able to speak loudly for fear of harm.
  • We will not stand by; we will stand up and show our Transgender and Non-Binary community they belong and their right to medical care is important and deserving.
  • We will not stand by; we will stand up and show our BIPOC community that they deserve respect and our actionable allyship to say something, do something.
  • We will not stand by; we will stand up and celebrate our history of creativity, uniqueness, and authenticity.

We will stand up, we will hold together, and we will always fight for what comes tomorrow. Our future includes people of all walks of life, of all races, and orientations, and genders. A future where we know that what we face today will only make us stronger. A future where we embrace our past and seek to be better humans for those who come after us.

This is a future that begins NOW. This future starts with us. This future will not leave behind our most vulnerable. This future is love. This future is justice. This future is here. And the future that I will fight for includes you; our LGBTQ+ brothers, sisters, and siblings.

and we’ll hold celebrations and civil engagement
to show others we are here, and that LOVE is a powerful language.

Drag OUT your Spring Fling Attire, We’re celebrating with Drag Queen Bingo: Spring Fling Soirée

Join us April 14th, 2023 for a FUNdraising evening of Bingo, Performances, Prizes, and More as we host our Spring Fling Soirée edition of Drag Queen Bingo in a larger venue; The Monarch right here in downtown Ogden, Utah!

Our Fun, Fabulous, Favorite Emcees J’Lee & Lady Delish are back to heckle and tease the crowd while they call the balls!

Best in Theme Contest: dress in theme for a chance to win!

Tickets on sale now! Get them before they sell out!

$25 in advance $30 at the door
includes your first bingo card, and an entry into an opportunity drawing
additional bingo cards $5 at the door.

We’ll have refreshments and a cash bar available. Must be 21+ to attend.

Flying Support for Community!

Recently, right here in our hometown, members of our community experienced something that no LGBTQ+ person should have to; hate. Hate directed towards them just for showing pride in authenticity and love for those who may not have the opportunity to be out and proud.

Hate comes in many forms, and today especially, our LGBTQ+ community has been the target of many vile and abusive attacks. Flags stand for so many things. We pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. We fly our favorite sports teams, and colleges in support and pride.

We fly our PRIDE FLAGS, to show others they are not alone, that they have a safe space in the homes and neighborhoods we reside in. The places we frequent who support us. We fly them to not hide who we are.

When flags that make statements about us, who we love and who we support are stolen, defaced, or destroyed, it hurts. It makes us feel like the places we turn to for safe space are no longer safe. For some, it draws us back into the closets we worked so hard to come out of to live our truths.

When our safe spaces are no longer safe, we cannot turn from the community built in them. We must stand as one, envelope hate in love, and work to rebuild. We as a community have faced many moments of rebuilding, but we do not give up. We do not back down. We do not stop. We gather strength, we continue to fight, and we continue to LOVE WITHOUT CONDITIONS!

We are enough as humans, and we deserve the same and equal opportunities as any other human. We deserve love, and safe spaces, and the right to fly our pride!

Our hearts are with our community, as we face fear for our safety for our families and friends. While we cannot face it alone, we seek allies and support from those who are not afraid to stand with us.

Many of our allies and community supporters have asked us how they can show love and support by flying a pride flag. They’ve asked us where they can find them right now. So we’ve listened, and have them for purchase, so you can fly them now with us.

You can purchase an Inclusive Progressive Pride Flag, with proceeds to benefit the Ogden Pride Center. We have 3′ x 5′ Polyester flags for sale for $10 a piece. We only have 30 available, so grab yours today!

Each flag has header tape and 2 metal grommets. Flag is dye-sublimated with beautiful bold colors. Printed on one side all the way through the fabric. Double-stitched around all edges with 4 rows of stitching on the fly edge

Drag Queen Bingo | Deck the Balls Edition!

Purchase tickets to our Holiday event, Drag Queen Bingo Deck the Balls Edition

Join our guest hosts, J’Lee and Lady Delish
for an adult 21+ Holiday edition of Drag Queen Bingo!

And yes, we will see our audience who calls a bad bingo shimmy and shake
to raise dollars for the Ogden Pride Center!

We’ll have prizes, performances and oh so much rowdy fun!

$15 includes spaghetti dinner and your first bingo card.
Additional cards can be purchased the night of the event for $5 a piece.

Tickets must be purchased in advance to guarantee your seat! Click on the image above, or this link to Purchase Tickets In Advance!

Ogden Pride Announces Master of Ceremonies for 2022 Pride Festival

OGDEN, UT, April 26, 2022 – Ogden Pride officially announces their Master of Ceremonies for their 8th Annual Ogden Pride Festival; Suzanne Westenhoefer.

Suzanne never does the same show twice. She can’t. She doesn’t write anything down. She charges boldly onto the stage and what happens is always a mystery and a delight. Enjoy a wild night of comedy when she takes the stage the evening of August 6th, 2022, for a fundraiser for the Ogden Pride Center.

Event details of time and location to be announced soon.

Inviting Suzanne to take the stage throughout the day, August 7th, 2022, brings a comedic flow to their soon-to-be announced entertainment lineup for the festival, being held at the Ogden Amphitheater & Municipal Gardens. Ogden Pride celebrates and supports the LGBTQ+ community, individuals, their families, and allies in Northern Utah. In building and strengthening inclusive communities. Committed to excellence in advocacy, educational programs, and services.

Only 107 Days ’til the 8th Annual Ogden Pride Festival

Wow, the time is flying and we are well on our way to an amazing festival!

All of our food vendor spots are filled! We’ve got amazing vendors signing up, with spots filling up quickly. So be sure to get over to the Ogden Pride Festival page and sign up your business for a great spot!

We are still in need of sponsors, and we would love your organization to shine with our many sponsor level opportunities! You can check out our rate card, and reach out to if you have any questions.

Our entertainment applications have come in hot! We are so excited by the wonderful talent that is seeking to entertain our guests this year. We will have our full-line up announced by mid May!

So many exciting things are happening, as your Ogden Pride board of directors works to bring you a wonderful event. If you’d like to get involved, volunteer, or donate to put on the 8th Annual Ogden Pride Festival, we’d love to have you. with any questions you may have!

Ogden Pride Announces the 8th Annual Festival Theme

Community means so many things to each of us. This year we felt that a strong united statement about the things we fight for each day, how we strive to be authentic, and how we live daily as LGBTQ+ people was important. Our youth need to know that they belong, and that they are seen. Our transgender and intersex community needs us more than ever, as continued attacks are made at government levels. SEEING someone, means seeing them as their authentic selves.

At our community planning event, we had participants who helped us create this theme, as we listed all the things we see as community, as things we see as LGBTQ+ and Allies on our values that we stand on, and the characteristics with which we lead as people. Our theme is an acronym of some of those things. SEE US. Stands for Safe, Empowered, Emerging, United & Strong.

Our organization, and the community we work to build, has and will continue to be a safe space for all, a place to empower people to live their truth, a place where our youth, and transgender folx can emerge as their authentic selves, and we stand to be united and strong for all.

So join us, Sunday, August 7th, 2022 from 11-7pm at the Ogden Amphitheater as we celebrate our 8th Annual Ogden Pride Festival. Look for more information to come, and check out our website for our Vendor, Volunteer, and Sponsorship sign up forms.


Celebrating the LGBTQ+ Community

OGDEN, UT, November 2018 – We’re launching our largest fundraiser. With our recent future planning summit, the Board of Directors has identified many needs of the community of Ogden and surrounding areas. Those plans include work dedicated to opening a pride center to support the LGBTQ+ community in Northern Utah.

Ogden Pride celebrates and supports the LGBTQ+ community, individuals, their families, and allies in Northern Utah. In building and strengthening inclusive communities. We are committed to excellence in advocacy, educational programs, and services.

The Ogden Pride Center will strive to:

  • Provide a safe space to support and strengthen the LGBTQ+ community
  • Foster an environment for the LGBTQ+ community to gather in celebration and unity
  • Educate for a greater understanding of the issues and needs the LGBTQ+ community faces
  • Support programs and adopt resources that benefit the LGBTQ+ community

Provide – Foster – Educate – Support

Ogden Pride – Serving the LGBTQ+ community since 2014

Join us in support by making a donation today! Help us ‘raise the roof’ to an amazing future!


Ogden Pride & OUTreach Utah Announce Merger

Ogden Pride Inc. and OUTreach Utah are happy to announce their merger at a Launch Party on Friday, Feb. 16, 2018.

The public is invited to celebrate with these two LGBTQ organizations as they become one under the name of Ogden Pride. The event is free and appropriate for all ages. Live music and appetizers will be provided, and the theme of the 4th Annual Ogden Pride Festival will be revealed.

Ogden Pride is expanding its mission and vision with the merger. Exciting new programs and partnerships will be announced at the Launch Party.

The event will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Ogden Eccles Conference Center, 2415 Washington Blvd.

Programs previously administered by OUTreach Utah will now find a home under the Ogden Pride Inc. umbrella of services, events and celebrations of LGBTQ people in Northern Utah.

Since its beginning in 2005, Outreach Utah has been focused on helping youth. Its social support groups offer a safe place for youth to develop friendships, increase their self-efficacy and provide them with knowledge and skills needed to become self-sufficient, healthy LGBTQ and allied adults. Outreach also offers ally and advocate training to groups that work with and support youth.

Ogden Pride Inc. formed in 2014 with its prime focus on organizing an annual event to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other queer people living in Northern Utah. Since then, the Ogden Pride Festival has been held on the first Saturday of August and has grown in attendance and offerings each year. This year’s Ogden Pride Festival will be held at the Ogden Amphitheater on Saturday, Aug. 4.



Celebrate a Decade of Diversity with Ogden Pride in: 10 Days 2 Hours 36 Minutes 59 Seconds
Check out the details!