Announcing the 2023 Ogden Pride Festival Theme!

Over the past 8 years as we’ve prepared and planned the Ogden Pride Festival, we’ve always reminded ourselves that pride celebrations started in the hearts of those before us, fighting for civility and dignity. The first of these being recognized as Stonewall and the Riots of 1969.

Today that fight continues, as our most marginalized and oppressed lose autonomy of their healthcare needs, the right to engage with their peers in spaces they belong, and the protections afforded others without equitable distinction. The divisive language currently used in opposition of equality has allowed for bigotry and hate.

  • We will not stand by; we will stand up and show our Youth that they do have a voice, even when they are not able to speak loudly for fear of harm.
  • We will not stand by; we will stand up and show our Transgender and Non-Binary community they belong and their right to medical care is important and deserving.
  • We will not stand by; we will stand up and show our BIPOC community that they deserve respect and our actionable allyship to say something, do something.
  • We will not stand by; we will stand up and celebrate our history of creativity, uniqueness, and authenticity.

We will stand up, we will hold together, and we will always fight for what comes tomorrow. Our future includes people of all walks of life, of all races, and orientations, and genders. A future where we know that what we face today will only make us stronger. A future where we embrace our past and seek to be better humans for those who come after us.

This is a future that begins NOW. This future starts with us. This future will not leave behind our most vulnerable. This future is love. This future is justice. This future is here. And the future that I will fight for includes you; our LGBTQ+ brothers, sisters, and siblings.

and we’ll hold celebrations and civil engagement
to show others we are here, and that LOVE is a powerful language.

Celebrate a Decade of Diversity with Ogden Pride in: 10 Days 4 Hours 17 Minutes 29 Seconds
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