10 Reasons to Volunteer

Volunteers link handsThere are lots of reasons to volunteer for the Ogden Pride Festival. Here are the best ones we can think of:

10. You’ll work with great people.

The people who volunteer to make the Ogden Pride Festival a success are dedicated and motivated. They are eager to make a positive difference in our community. You’ll build camaraderie and learn teamwork.

9. It brings people together.

Volunteering unites people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. By making connections, we strengthen our community.

8. It helps the LGBT community.

While marriage equality is now the law of the land, many in our community still face discrimination — even to the point of being told which bathroom they can or cannot use! Our family-friendly, inclusive Ogden Pride Festival shows the whole community that we are all one family.

7. It helps your career.

Volunteer experience is a good thing to put on your resume (or college application). It shows employers you are serious about getting involved and improving skills. We are also a partner with Weber State’s Center for Community Engaged Learning, so you can get community service credit!

6. It’s good for you.

Volunteering builds confidence and self-esteem. Focusing on something other than yourself reduces personal stress and makes you healthier because, experts say, joy and optimism boost the immune system.

5. Your ideas matter.

In our previous brainstorming sessions, one idea was to have a pet parade and fashion show — so we did it! Someone suggested a drop-in knitting booth — and we had one! The point is, if you have an idea, we’re very likely to run with it.

4. You get to share your skills.

Are you: a Graphic Artist? Carpenter? Writer? Singer? Painter? Accountant? Whatever your skill, chances are we can put it to good use, and you will get a chance to show it off.

3. Try something new — and have fun!

We have a lot of fun at our planning meetings. You’ll meet new people and maybe even make new friends. It gets you out of the house and you’ll become part of something big and important for our community.

2. You get a free t-shirt.

Everyone who signs up to volunteer will get a free Ogden Pride Festival T-shirt. These were coveted items last year, as we only had so many printed. This year, volunteers are guaranteed to get one. (We’re also going to have T-shirts for sale this year.)

1. It’s YOUR festival!

We can’t do it without the help of dozens of people who give their time, talent (and treasure) to make the Ogden Pride Festival a success. We are striving to hold a festival that stands out as an inclusive event where all are welcome — gay, straight, bi, trans, lesbian, questioning, allies, rich, poor, young, old …

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